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With, Apostle and Prophet Josephat Elias Mwingira, Efatha Church.
God is going to make things New in your Life. Today is a New Day for you to Turn, Shine, and Prosper because God has given you the ability to defeat your enemies.
This Year, your Worship will be different from usual; you will come to Worship weary of things, but you will leave home free of them. You will go to Worship believing that something will happen to you, and it will. The enemy that has been oppressing you will go from you without your having to tell him to because the Holy Spirit’s power will surround you, causing those things to happen and the devil will not able to destroy you in the future.
Diseases for which medical professionals have advised you to have surgery won’t ever require one since your God is a wonderful surgeon and will carry out the surgery on you.
You must follow God’s instructions faithfully if you want all of this to happen to you. He has sent His Servants to earth so that He can communicate with you. If He says do something through them, you must obey.

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