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With Apostle and Prophet Josephat Elias Mwingira, Efatha Church.
You are a VICTOR, Declare what you want to SEE because what you want to SEE is based on what you HEARD.
Lord JESUS, everything I’m going to say is what I want to SEE, just like what I HEARD.
From this point forward, I cease the devil’s work for you. You are FREE to pursue your Work, Businesses, Income, and wherever you may Go. As long as it serves your purposes, God will always approve of any Ideas you have. You are able to work toward any goal you choose as long as it brings you Income, Happiness, and Peace. The Wisdom of God that allows you to Own it, from now on it will go to work for you all the days of your Life.
The person who has always wanted you to fail has already been dealt with by God, as I declare today, and going forward, you will find that what was formerly impossible for you is now POSSIBLE.
From now on Go and Prosper, whatever that you touch will bring you a hundred times greater Profit, for the LORD has Blessed the labor of your Hands.

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