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Remember not the former things

Apostle and Prophet Josephat Elias Mwingira Efatha Church.
November 4th, 2023.
Isaiah 43:18 “Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.”
Do not remember the things of old, whether born outside the wedrock, or any difficulty you may be facing, Because thinking and dweling on past that is not faith. Do not dwell on hearsay because everything is posible if you believe. If you fall, rise again wipe yourself and move on.
That is not the end of life, Falling and rolling down it does not mean its over with you. Still you are breathing, rise up before fries and cocroaches start to climbing on you. Let no one tell you that you can not succeed because of how you were born, instead tell him to explain it to the devil that sent him that you are Born Again, you are washed by the Blood of Lamb of God and HOLY SPIRIT is in you. He is reviving your soul and the Heavenly FATHER has has accepted you. You will be blessed and you will see with your eyes, Amen.

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