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The functionality of the Grace of God

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The functionality of the Grace of God

Are you living by God’s grace or by your own strength?
• What is God’s grace? It is an important part of God’s character, if you want to see God’s character you will see it quickly through Grace. Where there is grace there is God’s character.
• God’s grace is His permission for someone who did not earn it; you have been forgiven and exalted by God’s grace, not by your own effort.
• God’s grace is strength or help from above. You cannot fight with someone who has God’s grace. When you encounter a challenge, ask for God’s grace and when His grace comes to you, you will get help from above. Don’t rely on your own understanding but rely on God’s grace. Don’t waste time challenging anyone who walks with the grace of God because you will never succeed and the devil will end up laughing at you.
1. The Grace of Salvation,
You receive it when you receive the gospel and believe in Jesus Christ. If you are not saved, let this grace find you in the Name of Jesus.
Ephesians 2:8 “ For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:” It is by God’s grace we are all saved.
2. The Grace of Sanctification.
Do not judge anyone because there is a grace of purification for anyone who has erred, if he asks for purification he will be purified.
John 17:17 “ Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”
If you see that you have defiled yourself, take refuge in God’s Word, because God’s Word is true, so it will purify you. If someone has cursed your life, read the Word of God, if someone has spoken against your blessings, read the Word of God and it will purify you. Read God’s Word and it will purify your mind, your soul and your spirit.
If you want grace to overflow in you, you must know the meaning of grace and the types of grace, if you know that you will never be bribed here and there in your salvation, nor will you be a thorn in anyone’s service. If you know how to respect grace, you will be promoted everywhere and you will be a great person.