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Apostle and prophet Josephat Elias mwingira efatha church
November 10, 2023
Psalms 16:3 “As for the saints of the earth: “They are the excellent, in whom all my delight is.”
A saint is precious in the sight of God and God takes pleasure in him. The eyes of God are always on the saints because they please Him, so they are very precious to Him. Where do you usually keep your valuables in your home? You gotta keep them in a safe place and hide them too.
If you are a Saint of God, you are very precious in His eyes, in that sense you can never die by accidents, diseases or anything else because you are hidden in a place precious by God.
who are the Saints? Those who take the name of the Lord have the presence of God wherever they are. Saints are good orators of the Kingdom of Heaven. Saints have an Apostolic anointing and they lack nothing, they can never be threatened with anything. If you want to be safe, keep them close and you will not die of any sickness or disease, you can’t be killed by witches, guns or accidents.

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