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I have healed from the swelling and pain in my legs that I had since childhood

My name is Happiness Shedrak, and I want to thank God immensely for delivering me from the bondage of illness. Since I was young, I had been suffering from swollen and painful legs, and there was a discharge from them. I used to have blisters, and whenever I stepped on the ground, it felt like I was stepping on fire. I sought help from various sources, including traditional healers, but none could offer a solution.

Then, I decided to give my life to Christ and started attending church. After my conversion, I engaged in fervent prayer. I distinctly remember it was May 27, 2023, during a period of fasting and prayer at our church. I spent the entire day in the presence of the Lord, and I told Him that it was the day I wanted to break free from all my afflictions. Remarkably, it was on that very day that I was completely healed from the leg condition I had suffered from for years. I thank God because it wasn’t an easy journey, given the pain I had endured all those years, but God set me free in just one day, and I regained my happiness.

Additionally, I never knew my father. My mother passed away when I was just two years old, and I was raised by my mother’s family. I had no knowledge of my father’s identity. However, after my conversion, I sought and found my father. I also met some of my other relatives. I thank God for His works in my life.”

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