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I was in the ICU, and I have been healed through the word of Apostle and Prophet Josephat Elias Mwingira

My name is Leopadia George, and I thank God for His mighty works. I had undergone surgery to remove my uterus, but a few days later, the stitches burst, and a lot of pus started oozing out, and I lost consciousness. I was hospitalized, and more health issues arose: my lungs were filled with water, my kidneys stopped functioning, and I had been in and out of consciousness. I stayed in the ICU for four months.

I thank God for the pastors of Efatha because they never stopped praying for me. The doctors had said they had reached their limits. It was then that my spiritual father, Josephat Elias Mwingira, sent a message with words of victory, instructing me to speak those words, although I couldn’t even speak. When the pastor entered, he called me, and I managed to respond. He gave me the words to declare, and after that, I received my healing.

After being healed, we praised and danced to God right there in the hospital ward. Truly, the God of Efatha is a God who opens doors for people.



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